Helping children and young people

DM Thomas Foundation for Young People (formerly known as Hilton in the Community Foundation) is a registered charity dedicated to helping disadvantaged and vulnerable young people and children transform their lives. Under their ABLE banner, their priority is to make a difference through targeted grant support, helping local and regional community groups and charities across the UK and Europe to deliver projects which provide access to opportunities and improve well-being.

Their vision is of a world where all children and young people are ABLE to transform their lives for the better. Their mission is to transform the lives of young people. They support young people to be ABLE to Achieve their goals, Beat or ameliorate their health conditions, Live full lives with training and employment and Experience opportunities to enhance and develop their skills and confidence.

Lisa has worked with the charity for many years, helping to progress the brand as the face of the Foundation has changed, looking after marketing requirements in the form of printed collateral as well as producing their annual Impact Report.

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